Немного фотосоветов о том, как правильно отдыхать на природе от главного инстаграма нудистов – @getyourassintonature













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“I have decided to dedicate the majority of my Instagram to posting my photos of my adventures out in the world. At first it started with just nature photography when I would go out into the field and collect data for school. I began traveling and went to South Africa and Malawi and worked with wildlife veterinarians (I'm studying to be a veterinarian) and those photos began to surface on my page. Now I dedicate my page in hopes of inspiring people to get up and live! Travel! Explore (whether it be local or on the other side of the world!) I am also a huge advocate for freeing the female body of over sexualization, free the nipple, and equality of all genders. What does it feel to get my ass out into nature? I feel revived and free. My entire whole feels at peace and one with everything. An added bonus is when I can take off my clothes and really get this ass out into nature! I wish more people could be comfortable in their own skin to feel the liberation behind nudity in nature. There is a different spirituality behind it and one can gain a sense of self acceptance of their body by just letting free! This is what it means to me to #getyourassintonature ૐ” // San Luis Obispo, CA // #getyourassintonature

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From the wonderful Alyssa and Erik at @flash_the_abyss “To #getyourassintonature feels like liberation. It is that moment when you feel the breeze soothe your soul, when the sky starts where your fingertips end, when the cool ocean waves lap up your thighs.Thats when you think, this is what I've been missing and this is what I want more and more and more of. Our favorite part about #getyourassintonature is the camaraderie of like minded spirits who dare to bare all in the name of their natural born connection the the Earth, Sky, Ocean, Sand, Sun that surrounds them. It is fun, and it is more than fun. It is a movement to reclaim our freedom and bask in the wonders of this glorious planet.” // #getyourassintonature #flashtheabyss

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“This photo is from a couple summers ago, but as I've been getting ready to enter the real adult world by graduating college in May, I've been reflecting on the feeling of freedom and what it means to me and how I am going to incorporate it into my life MORE. . I remember the exact moment of this photograph. I remember being surrounded by people I had just met, but instantly loved. I remember having my eyes opened to the realization that we, as humans, are beautiful. That we have nothing to hide, shame, or fear. We should love others for who and how they are, and we should allow ourselves to be loved in the same way. . There is magic in raw, pure beauty everywhere in nature, but those who don't believe in magic will never see it. My wish for everyone is for them to be able to strip off their layers, (clothing, pride, ego, etc.) and to be vulnerable, to be open, to be FREE. I wish for them to feel nature so strongly that it enters their soul and never leaves. Getting our asses into nature is the doorway to understanding the limitless beauty all around us.” // Herb Pharm, Williams, OR // #getyourassintonature

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